FCSA Vibes Florida

by Weldon Ryan

Caribbean Students Play Mas.  The vibe was hot and the Soca music was happenin! 

Having the privilege to display my paintings at the FSCAVibes which was held at Embry Riddle Aeronautic University April 15th 2018 I met the most wonderful bunch a young people at this annual meet-up conference for Caribbean Students from the State of Florida   They were from colleges all over Florida.  The majority  of them are from the Caribbean Diaspora.  "The Art of Carnival " was invited by Guenet and Sam Roberts of Caribbean American Passport News Magazine to display our series of paintings displaying an artistic backdrop as masqueraders played in costume for the students previewing costumed from a couple of the Mas Bands that will march in the Orlando Carnival Downtown May 27th, 2018 at McCracken Field (Camping World Stadium).  The two Mas bands that previewed mas costumes were Andy's Krazy Krew and GenX.  Andy's Krazy Krew and GenX has been playing with Orlando for a few years.  Also at the event were Soiree Events promoting FlagFete which is May 26th http://centralfloridafair.com/events/flag-fete-2018/,  4603 W COLONIAL DR • ORLANDO, FL,https://www.orlandocarnivaldowntown.com/ Contact: GGR Marketing & PR for your custom package 407-427-1800 and https://cynfullycreative.wordpress.com/tag/andys-krazy-krew/

I my prepared state my biggest goof of the day was to not have a fast enough SD card in my camera to capture the action fast enough but I hope that you readers aren't too disappointed in the pix that I took in the slideshow.