Miami Broward Carnival 2015

There was all kind a bacchanal today.  Sexy women whinin all round the place.  Bumpa to bumpa... all the ladies gettin on bad.  It was a hot day.

Miami Broward Carnival is over and I am wanting.  I want more.  As a West Indian American I long for my culture.  I long for the smell and taste of the food.  I long to see  my Caribbean sisters with their sensuousness in full array with the sound and rhythm of Soca music massaging my ear.   Wow...I have to wait a whole year for Miami Broward Carnival.  At least I am charged.  The energy I felt as Xavier and I took our regular regiment of images.  I'm set!  We took thousands of photos which will make my task harder.  I now have to sort through them to come up with the art for my Caribbean Carnival series.  I have uploaded a few of the photos I felt would tantalize you as to what you have missed iust in case you didn't attend the fete. You now have a year to plan to attend.